Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Homemade Detergent Update and Elimination Communication Update

Two quick updates!

I am enjoying the homemade laundry detergent I made. It cleans equally well, if not better, than the cheapo detergent from Walmart that I was using (and now have little motivation to use up.) I like it that it is unscented, except for the slight scent from the Zote soap. It takes poop stains out of the diapers pretty well.

Also, at 11.5 months Jedidiah's elimination communication (which is mostly about pooping in the potty, not so worried about pee) is going ok but not great. He does not come to me or signal when he is about to poop in his diaper. If I notice him pooping and take him to the potty quickly enough, sometimes he poops there but sometimes the interruption stops his urge and he doesn't go. He doesn't mind pooping in his diaper, though after he does so he does want to be changed. I have been intending to call an EC mentor about this. I think I need to be more alert based on timings, as I was when he was small, especially after waking up and after eating a meal.

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